My interest in photography is based primarily on my appreciation of nature and love of travelling both near and far away.

While the medium of photography captures a single moment in time, taking photographs represents the fond memories of all the amazing places and sights I have seen. A dear friend of mine inspired me to share my photographs by creating these note cards for others to enjoy. And so it began about four years ago….

Net proceeds for these cards go to “Wellspring” – a lifeline to cancer support. They are a network of regional centres for cancer patients and their caregivers providing a wide range of support programs including, The Healing Journey, Yoga and Visual Art therapy, as well as short-term counseling and a variety of educational presentations and workshops. Wellspring holds a dear place in my heart and my way of giving back to a wonderful organization.

In this era of technology – emails, texts, twitter and blogs, letter writing is still an experience worth reviving. A handwritten note is always welcome by the recipient.

My Note cards are blank and suitable for all occasions. They are perfect to have at your writing desk or office for unexpected moments, special occasions and sentiments.

Thank you for your interest!

Warm Regards, Carol